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(Through Aug. 2015; Multiple locations)


Here, There, and Everywhere (HTE) is a NASA-funded program that consists of a series of exhibitions, posters, and supporting hands-on activities that utilize analogies in the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to provide multi-generational and family-friendly content in English and Spanish for community centers, libraries, schools, and under-resourced or small science centers. The purpose of the program is to connect cross-cutting content in Earth, planetary sciences, and astrophysics, with everyday phenomena. These connections will show that what happens in our daily lives also happens on a larger scale across the Universe. The HTE program utilizes multimodal content delivery (physical exhibits, handouts, interpretive stations, facilitated activities for educators, and online materials) hosted by locations for informal science learning. For more information, and to see if HTE is coming to a location near you, visit