Career Data and Reports

Career Data and Reports

Here you will find data and reports on factors that affect the Earth Science workforce.


Geoscience Currents

Geoscience Currents is AGI’s data briefs that are published on a frequent basis.  Currents aim to highlight specific data points and discoveries of interest regarding the human capital dynamic of the geosciences.


Directory of Geoscience Departments

The Directory, or DGD, is the flagship product of the AGI Workforce Program.  The DGD is the comprehensive census of US geoscience academic programs and faculty, and includes extensive coverage of Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world.  The DGD is available annually as a printed publication and as an e-book.  The DGD covers an extensive set of parameters, including faculty specialities, alma maters, tenure, demographics, and student enrollments and degrees granted.



AGI conducts numerous surveys of the geosciences community.  Many are regular annual or biennial surveys, but AGI also conducts ad hoc surveys when a specific issue arises of concern, such as the impact of the economic downturn on geoscience programs.

  • National Geoscience Exit Survey
  • Survey of Geoscience Enrollments
  • Geoscience Careers Master’s Preparation Survey



The surveys and data collection done by AGI yields a wide range of regular and ad hoc reports.  These reports provide comprehensive looks at the geoscience community and generally are available both electronically and in print.

  • Status of the Geoscience Workforce
  • Status of Recent Geoscience Graduates