Videos & Animations

Title Organization topic
Observe an animation of land and sea breezes TERC Weather
Observe an animation of the Coriolis effect over Earth's surface TERC Weather
Observe how air pressure affects a rising balloon TERC Weather
Observe how the Coriolis effect influences wind direction TERC Weather
Ocean in Motion: Tides Office of Naval Research Weather, space
P and S Waves McGraw-Hill Dynamic Planet
Paleoclimate: A History of Change Howard Hughes Medical Institute Climate, Weather
PALEOMAP Project University of Chicago Dynamic Planet
Perpetual Ocean NASA Oceans, water
PhET Interactive Simulations University of Colorado Boulder Space, Climate, Weather, Dynamic Planet
Physical Geology: Earth Revealed 6th edition McGraw-Hill Climate, Weather, Dynamic Planet, Energy, Fossils, Materials, Minerals, Oceans, Rocks, Landforms, Soil, Water, Natural Resources
Plate Tectonics Howard Hughes Medical Institute Dynamic Planet
Put It Together NASA Space, Dynamic Planet
Rift Valleys of Africa and Plate Tectonics Howard Hughes Medical Institute Dynamic Planet, landforms
Salts & Solubility PhET Oceans, water, solubilty
Sandy and Climate Change Video PBS Learning Media Weather, Climate, Dynamic Planet, Ocean
Saturn's Ring System NASA Space
Savage Earth Animations PBS tsunami, earthquakes, volcanism, Dynamic Planet
Scientific Visualization Studio NASA Weather, Space, Climate,
SciJinks NASA Weather