Textbook Name Source Grade Level Version Description Website
The Environment: Ours to Save Britannica 7-12 hard copy From pollution to disappearing habitats, the planet has become victim to the consequences of human activity. As extinction, global warming, and other factors threaten every organism?including humans?measures are being taken to conserve Earth?s resources and protect its life forms. These volumes will challenge readers in grades 7 through college to think about their own attitudes toward the environment. Visit Site
The Essential Earth Bedford, Freeman & Worth 9-12 hard copy The Essential Earth is a whole new way to open students? eyes to the physical world around them, to learn how scientists explore it, and what we need to do to both protect ourselves from it (hazards) as well as protect it from us (global change). In just 14 chapters, it offers a well-focused introduction to the basics of geology that emphasize the process of science and how humans interact with our home, Spaceship Earth. Visit Site
The Four Seasons Benchmark Education K-1 hard copy This book is about the characteristics of the four seasons and the activities that people do during each season. Visit Site
The Layered Earth: Geology Simulation Curriculum Corp. 5-8 both hard copy and online The Layered Earth Geology is the ideal way for High School and Middle School students to learn Geology and Earth Science using state of the art simulation software. Our comprehensive, interactive curriculum covers topics including Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and more. Visit Site
The Layered Earth: Meteorology Simulation Curriculum Corp. 5-8 both hard copy and online The Layered Earth Meteorology gives High School and Middle School students a set of dynamic interactive simulations and learning tools to explore topics including the Atmosphere, Weather, Oceans, Earth's Energy Balance, Atmospheric Circulation and Climate Change. Visit Site
The Living Earth Britannica 9-12 hard copy Created for high school and college students, several titles navigate Earth?s various ecosystems, with an emphasis on each area?s biotic and abiotic elements, while others offer comprehensive discussions of ecological threats and ongoing efforts to combat them. Visit Site
The Solar System Britannica 7-12 hard copy As these absorbing volumes for grades 7 and up demonstrate, understanding the foundations of our world and the universe it inhabits begins by examining the elements of our own solar system?the Sun, planets, moons, and other bodies. Visit Site
Understanding Earth Bedford, Freeman & Worth 9-12 both hard copy and online Understanding Earth is designed to bring the worldview of the working geologist to an audience not only new to this specific field, but in many cases to science in general. Students aren't merely presented with concepts and processes--they come to learn how we know what we know, and how that knowledge impacts their lives as citizens and helpful environmental stewards of the planet. Visit Site
Understanding Weather and Climate 6th Edition ? 2013 Pearson/Prentice Hall 9-12 hard copy Understanding Weather & Climate, combines inspired technology tutorials to engage students in learning about atmospheric behavior. The authors use everyday occurrences to illustrate meteorology and climatology. Dynamic illustrations from the book come to life in the new, fully integrated MyMeteorologyLab website, where students have access to resources such animated tutorials, videos, and satellite loops of atmospheric phenomena. While staying true to the text?s rigorous and quantitative approach, the edition incorporates the latest science, the most relevant issues, and new media to both teach and visualize the toughest topics, always while maintaining focus on the student. Visit Site
Waste Disposal: Computers and the Environment, SEPUP module Lawrence Hall of Science 8-12 hard copy This module focuses on toxic waste produced during the manufacture and disposal of technology such as computers. Visit Site