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Water Benchmark Education K-1 hard copy This book is about the places where people find water and how they use it. Visit Site
We Use Water Benchmark Education K hard copy This book is about the importance of water and how we use water. Visit Site
Weather Benchmark Education K-1 hard copy This book showcases different types of weather. Visit Site
Weather and Atmosphere - Issues and Earth Science Unit E LAB-AIDS 6-8 hard copy In the Weather and Atmosphere unit, students investigate local weather and climate data and consider the impact of weather and weather-related disasters. They then explore the relationship between weather and climate as they take on the role of a climatologist, hydrologist, meteorologist or atmospheric scientist. Through laboratory activities, investigations, and simulations, students investigate the factors that cause weather and climate, including energy from the sun, the water cycle, and global ocean currents. Visit Site
X-Zone Glencoe/McGraw-Hill 3-6 hard copy X-Zone is an exciting nonfiction series for reluctant readers in grades 3?6+, written at grades 2?3 reading levels. These engaging books about high-interest topics capture students? interest, while supportive text features help struggling readers derive meaning from their reading.

Lesson plans for each title help students develop metacognitive strategies, vocabulary skills, and comprehension strategies for reading nonfiction. In addition, each student book is correlated to the National Science Educational Standards or to the National Council for the Social Studies Curriculum Standards.
Visit Site
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