Professional Development

Organization Type of PD Target Audience Description
MathScience Innovation Center Conference Grades 6-12 Teachers Continue learning and exploring with your colleagues and an array of educational leaders at the MathScience Innovation Center's annual summer conference. How to incorporate more inquiry into the classroom with an emphasis on 21st century topics is the focus! These classes are extremely popular so make sure you register online early to ensure your space!
MathScience Innovation Center Conference 6-12 grade mathemati At the heart of student involvement in mathematics and science is inquiry. It involves questioning and answer seeking. Join us as we take an in-depth look at inquiry in the age of assessment. Learn to incorporate this process in your classroom and watch students' eyes widen with wonderment. This week-long course and semester follow-up is designed to give educators real, engaging activities they can incorporate into their current curriculum. Apply today and begin the journey of a thousand miles with this single step.
McWane Science Center Workshop Grades K - 2 teacher Earth and Space Science: K - 2 Teachers will delve into Earth Systems, Systems in space, weather, climate, rocks, oceans and planets. Throughout this workshop teachers will investigate ways to teach the process skills of observation, making hypotheses, collecting, interpreting
McWane Science Center Workshop 1-8th grade educator Learning by Inquiry - AMSTI Affiliate Workshop: Designed for 1-8th grade educators, this workshop proves the effectiveness of learning by deep delving. Activities in this workshop will help teachers introduce inquiry learning to their students and incorporate inquiry into lessons they're already doing.
McWane Science Center Workshop Grades K - 2 teacher Life Science: This workshop is designed to help K - 2 teachers develop curricula to teach structures and processes of living things, cells, organisms and health physiology of the human body. Through an inquiry based approach, teachers will develop science activities to use in the classroom.
McWane Science Center Workshop 3-6th grade educator Master the Standards - AMSTI Affiliate Workshop: This workshop is designed for 3-6th grade educators. Teachers will participate in investigations that will help prepare students to master basic science standards through helpful tips and activities.
McWane Science Center Workshop Grades K - 2 teacher Physical Science: In this workshop, K - 2 teachers will learn about exploring matter, energy, movement, and change through hands-on science investigations. Participants will actively engage in activities designed to highlight a variety of process/inquiry skills.
McWane Science Center Workshop 3-8th grade educator Science Smorgasbord - AMSTI Affiliate Workshop: Chemistry, physics and more! Designed for 3-8th grade educators, this workshop provides you with a wide variety of inexpensive inquiry-based science activities and demonstrations to engage your students and reinforce science content standards in the classroom - all on a minimal budget.
Milwaukee School of Engineering Workshop Grade 9-12 Educator Modeling the Molecular World focuses on connecting the macroscopic world in which students live with the invisible world of molecules. The workshop begins with an exploration of the basic principles of chemistry that result in structure/function relationships and result in a complex array of "molecular machines" that work together to maintain the living state. We will focus on proteins – and how they "know" to spontaneously fold up into compact shapes that perform specific functions.

Modeling is both an authentic practice of science and an essential tool in the classroom. We will use models of all sorts in this workshop – from magnetic water molecules and mini-toober models of proteins to schematic models of membranes and the components of the flow of genetic information. Course participants will learn to use Jmol to design protein models that can be built using 3D printing technology. We will also model a variety of different teaching strategies as “pedagogical moments” interspersed throughout the course. This workshop also prepares teachers to either coach an Science Olympiad Protein Modeling team or to organize a SMART Team (Students Modeling A Research Topic) in their school.
Milwaukee School of Engineering Workshop Grade 9-12 Educator This five-day summer workshop will introduce high school teachers to a variety of new instructional tools addressing the molecular basis of drug action and the science of addiction. The student-centered instructional materials are focused on the basic molecular mechanisms of neuronal signaling as well as physical models of the proteins that are targets of common prescription drugs and drugs of abuse. Teachers accepted into this program will:

Equip their classrooms with a collection of innovative instructional tools including physical models of proteins and drugs, a new foam neuronal synapse kit, cellular landscape paintings by David Goodsell, and access to unique online resources that will allow your students to explore the biomolecular world.

Explore action potentials and how neurons communicate using the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and GABA.

Investigate how perscription drugs, environmental toxins and drugs of abuse (heroin, cocaine, alchohol, cannabinoids) perturb neuronal communication.

Receive explicit training in the use of the program's instructional materials to connect the central elements of each molecular story to the basic concepts of chemistry and biology that are taught at the high school level.

Participate in a two-year professional development program in which they will use the program's instructional tools in their classrooms, measure the impact of the materials on their students' learning, and share their experiences with colleagues.