Teaching Awards

Program Awarded Amount Awarded Description
DuPont Pioneer Excellence in Agricultural Science Education Award The awardee will receive a $5,000 grant for their classroom/program, paid travel expenses to attend the NSTA national conference on science education, mentoring with a DuPont Pioneer scientist, classroom resources from DuPont Pioneer, and access to a DuPont Pioneer product plant or research facility. The awardee will be presented the award at the Teacher Awards Banquet at the National Conference. Yearly A partnership with DuPont Pioneer and the National Science Teachers Association, this award is to recognize excellence and innovation in the field of agricultural science education. One award will be awarded annually. The awardee will receive a $5000 grant for their classroom/program, paid travel expenses to attend the NSTA national conference on science education, mentoring with a DuPont Pioneer scientist, classroom resources from DuPont Pioneer, and access to a DuPont Pioneer product plant or research facility. The awardee will be presented the award at the Teacher Awards Banquet at the National Conference.
Educating Excellence Award Grants of $1,500 will be awarded to outstanding educators who are making a difference in their students’ lives. The teacher may use the funds at his or her discretion. Rolling basis Perceptive Software, in partnership with the University of Kansas School of Engineering, is accepting nominations for the Educating Excellence Award, a monthly award program that recognizes outstanding Kansas and Kansas City-area high school educators in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

In order to be eligible, a teacher must receive three separate nominations — one each from a colleague, a member of the community, and a current student. Entries will be accepted year-round and once all three are submitted, the nomination will stay active and the teacher eligible for the award for one year.

Outstanding Kansas and Kansas City-area high school math, science, engineering, and technology teachers are eligible for the award. Missouri teachers who work in Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte, and Ray counties are also eligible for the award.

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year.
Edward C. Roy, Jr. Award For Excellence in K-8 Earth Science Teaching $2,500.00 prize for the winning teacher and a grant of up to $1,000.00 to enable the recipient to attend the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Annual Conference Yearly, in January The purpose of this award is to honor the memory of Dr. Edward C. Roy, Jr. Dr. Roy was a past president of the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), a professor at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, and a recipient of both the Ian Campbell Medal and the Heroy Distinguished Service Award. He was a lifelong supporter of teachers and students of all ages and served for a number of years as chair of the AGI Education Advisory Committee. The award is designed to recognize one teacher of grades K-8 (or the United Kingdom equivalent) each year for his or her leadership and innovation in Earth science education.
Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty Recipients receive funding to present their work at the annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. Annually To that end, NERCHE, in partnership with the Center for Engaged Democracy at Merrimack College, is inviting nominations for the Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty, which recognizes a full-time faculty member (pre-tenure or with a long-term contract) who connects his or her teaching, research, and service to community engagement.

The scholarship of engagement represents an integrated view of faculty roles in which teaching, research/creative activity, and service overlap and are mutually reinforcing; is characterized by scholarly work tied to a faculty member’s expertise; is of benefit to the external community; is visible and shared with community stakeholders; and reflects the mission of the institution.

The recipient of the award will have several opportunities to disseminate his or her community-based work, including presenting at the CUMU conference, presenting at the annual Lynton Colloquium, publishing in the Metropolitan Universities Journal, and participating in one or more webinars focused on community-based scholarly work.

Only full-time faculty from colleges or universities in the United States are eligible for the award. A faculty member who submits tenure materials for review prior to the Lynton Award application deadline is not eligible. Nominations can be made by academic colleagues, administrators, students, and community partners. Each nominator should aim to present a comprehensive account of the nominee’s publicly engaged teaching, research, and service.
Faraday Science Communicator Award The awardee will be honored at the Awards Banquet during the NSTA National Conference on Science Education; the awardee receives an all-expense-paid trip (up to $2,500) to attend the Conference; all awardees will receive recognition in NSTA publications and will be given an opportunity to participate in a poster session during the conference. Annually; November 3 This award, named in honor of Michael Faraday (1791–1867), the English chemist and physicist who is known for his pioneering experiments in electricity and magnetism. Through lectures and letters, Faraday led people of all ages to a greater understanding of the natural scientific laws that govern us all. The Faraday Science Communicator Award will recognize and reward an individual or organization that has inspired and elevated the public’s interest in and appreciation of science.

Eligible individuals will not be a classroom teacher, but will work in, or have developed a compatible setting for science communication: i.e., museum, nature center, zoo, state park, aquarium, radio, television, internet, or other science-rich institutions or media. The individual may also be connected to a science setting through his or her involvement with civic organizations and child-education facilities: e.g., preK child-development centers, 4-H clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, Girls and Boys Clubs of America, and so on.

Eligible organizations will facilitate and provide exemplary opportunities for science communication to the public. The organization will desire to instill in the public an appreciation for science through communication efforts at the local, state, and national levels.
Horace Mann Awards for Teaching Excellence $10,000 award and be recognized at the NEA Foundation's Salute to Excellence in Education Gala Yearly Since 2001, Horace Mann has partnered with the National Education Association and the NEA Foundation to recognize, reward and promote excellence in teaching through the Horace Mann Awards for Teaching Excellence.
ING Unsung Heroes Awards Program First place will receive $25,000; second place will receive $10,000, and the third place winner will receive $5,000. Yearly For more than 15 years, and with nearly $4 million in awarded grants, ING Unsung Heroes has proven to be an A+ program with educators. The program's "alumni" have inspired success in the classroom and impacted countless numbers of students. Each year, 100 educators are selected to receive $2,000 to help fund their innovative class projects. Three of those are chosen to receive the top awards of an additional $5,000, $10,000 and $25,000.
James Madison Graduate Fellowship Program $24,000 March 1st, 2016 The program provides fellowship grants of $24,000 to individuals who are looking to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution at the secondary-school level. The foundation plans to offer one fellowship per state per year.
Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers The award consists of up to $1,000 to be used to attend the annual National Conference; recipients will be invited to attend a variety of workshops and presentations that are of particular interest to new teachers at the annual National Conference Yearly The Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers provides selected K-12 teachers (up to 25) in their first five years of teaching with funds to attend the annual National Conference on Science Education. Award recipients will be mentored, tracked, and provided with continuing opportunities for meaningful involvement with NSTA and its activities. Priority will be given to applications from NSTA Student Chapters that have been in existence and active for at least two years.
NAGT Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award The National Association of Geoscience Teachers gives each section OEST awardee a plaque and a two-year membership in the Association, which includes a subscription to the online Journal of Geoscience Education. Other NAGT awards vary from section to section and among states within sections. In addition, the Geological Society of America provides a monetary award and a 3-year Teachers Associate Membership (including membership in the Geoscience Education Division), and the National Earth Science Teachers Association provides a one-year membership, which includes a subscription to The Earth Scientist. The following organizations provide tangible support of various kinds such as teaching materials or gifts: American Geosciences Institute, American Geophysical Union, American Institute of Professional Geologists, and the U.S. Geological Survey. Yearly Outstanding Earth Science Teacher (OEST) awards are given for "exceptional contributions to the stimulation of interest in the Earth Sciences at the pre-college level." Any teacher or other K-12 educator who covers a significant amount of earth science content with their students is eligible. Ten national finalists are selected, one from each NAGT regional section.