Virtual Field Trips

Title Organization Description Field Trip Location
A Virtual Field Trip of the Landscapes of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Government Stills, text, clickable map Nova Scotia geology
A Water Journey: The Aquifer Virtual Field Trip
Spokane Aquifer Joint Board
Text, multimedia, animations Water
Adventures in Virtual Reality Bureau of Economic Geology; The University of Texas at Austin VRML models and historic data Geoscience field trips
Big Bend National Park Virtual Field Trip Texas A&M; Stills and text Big Bend National Park
Burgess Shale Virtual Tour The Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation 3-D tour with images Yoho National Park, Canada
California Subduction Rocks Geology Stills and text Northern California
Dinosaurs Smithsonian AMNH 3-D tour with text, images Dinosaur Exhibit
Earth Science Explorer Wheeling Jesuit University / Center for Educational Technologies Stills, text, animations Geoscience field trips
Faultline Seismic Science at the Epicenter Exploratorium Stills and text California
Fly-Overs JPL/NASA Videos, stills New York, California, Faults, Africa, Mississippi flooding, Jorge Montt Glacier, O'Higgins Glacier, Occidental Glacier, Kennedy Space Center, Space
Fossils of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Museum Stills and text Fossils of Nova Scotia
Gallery of Weather and Climate NASA's Climate Kids Stills and text of changing climate and weather the world
Interactive Tour of the Solar System Nine Animations Solar system
Moon Google Earth Videos and stills Moon
National Park Trips Windows into Wonderland Multimedia National Parks
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