Virtual Field Trips

Title Organization Description Field Trip Location
Nova Scotia's Paleontological Wonderland Canada's Digital Collections Stills and text Fundy Coast
Panoramic Virtual Tour Smithsonian Panoramic stills Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC NASA and Google Earth Animations Ocean currents; Earth
Quick Time Virtual Field Trips University of Houston Videos Geoscience field trips
Share the Adventure! Discovering Dinosaurs Bureau of Land Management Text and images Kaiparowits Plateau of Utah
Share the Adventure! Exploring Wildland Fire Bureau of Land Management Text and images United States Wildfires
Share the Adventure! Tracking Habitat Change Bureau of Land Management Text and images Various habitats in the U.S.
Take a Walk on the Rocky Side at Green Point, Canada vEcotourism 3D tour with narration, images Green Point, Canada
The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco The Museum of the City of San Francisco Stills and text California
Tour the Solar System PBS For those wanna-be astronauts and space travelers out there, this interactive model of the solar system could prove to be highly addictive. With one click, you can visit Saturn, Venus, or the other planets and then spin and explore them in three dimensions. The interface uses NASA calculations to precisely position all celestial bodies. Click the play button at the bottom of the screen to watch the positions of the planets and moon change as time passes. If you're impatient, you can click ahead to see how the stars align in the year 2100. Solar System
Virtual Dinosaur Dig Smithsonian Interactive dig Dino Dig
Virtual Field Trip
of Cypress Hills, Alberta
University of Lethbridge, Canada Stills and text Cypress Hills, CA
Virtual Field Trip: Farming Coast to Coast Earth Echo International Video of live chat, visiting two farms East coast and West coast farms in the United States
Virtual Field Trip: Mars Analogs NASA Multimedia Mars analogs on Earth
Virtual Field Trips: Seeking Answers Through Exploration Arizona State University Animations and stills Geoscience field trips